Get access to the cutting-edge technology of SAP HANA with expert and certified support from Managecore

With speed, agility and in-memory capabilities, SAP HANA is the future of business for SAP customers. Work directly with the true SAP HANA experts at Managecore, to implement, migrate, and manage your complete SAP HANA journey.

SAP HANA is more than an in-memory database it’s a true enterprise platform. SAP HANA provides not only an increase in system performance but a robust application platform to give your business that competitive edge. The innovative direction of SAP is to leverage the power of the SAP HANA platform, with all new SAP products to run solely on SAP HANA. Partner with Managecore to be positioned for long-term SAP success.

Managecore: The True Experts in SAP HANA from Start to Finish

Managecore has the tenure of experience to guide our clients through their complete SAP HANA journey. Whether you are just curious what SAP HANA can do for your business operations, and want to “kick the tires” in a sandbox or seeking an end-to-end deployment, Managecore has you covered.

Our services start with blueprinting your implementation of SAP HANA, where we work directly with you to right-size the hardware platform specific to your organization’s technical requirements. Managecore will assess your current environment and recommend the appropriate migration path based on your specific business requirements. By leveraging our years of experience, Managecore with help you to architect and realize your tailored SAP HANA deployment.

At Managecore, all SAP HANA products are covered including, but not limited to, the following:

  • SAP HANA Sidecar

Our consultants have the skillsets necessary to migrate your data to SAP HANA. By employing SAP best practice migration techniques or the more complex DMO (Database Migration Option) process, Managecore can do it all.


SAP HANA in the Cloud

Get the power of SAP HANA with a scalable and agile cloud solution that’s right for you. Whether in Managecore’s private cloud, a public cloud such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, or in your own data center; our support structure and toolsets are specifically designed to be flexible and provide the ability to move HANA workloads as your business needs change. Managecore’s virtual datacenter approach offers the utmost in agility. Hosting options include:

  • Dedicated Private Cloud – Managecore has a robust SAP HANA cloud to host and manage complex environments. Our cloud offers complete flexibility; by scaling up or down based on your unique requirements, all while providing absolute security and privacy to your environment.
  • Public Cloud – Take advantage of the public cloud offerings available today and gain the utmost in scalability and technology. At Managecore we leverage architectures such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Azure to provide highly flexible SAP HANA solutions.
  • Colocation Services – Want dedicated hardware without the responsibility of hosting and maintaining the environment yourself? Let Managecore host and provide complete turn-key support for your hardware in our secure datacenters.
  • Disaster Recovery in the Cloud – Using the latest supported software, Managecore will design disaster recovery and High availability solutions to ensure the ultimate in reliability and uptime, so you achieve a holistic environment.


SAP HANA Ongoing Managed Services

At Managecore, we know SAP. Our tenured experience in the industry has taught us what works and what our clients are expecting. At the core of our offering is the ongoing maintenance and management of our clients’ SAP environments. Our consultants use the latest toolsets that keep SAP engines running. This approach allows them to spend more time collaborating with clients and providing them with the information and leadership they need to keep their businesses evolving and moving forward.

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