SAP Upgrading and Patching

Upgrading and patching your SAP software can be a tedious process. For those reasons it’s easy to let updating your software slip and find yourself several versions behind the currently support releases. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is fine for some things, but not for your most critical business application.


The penalty for not keeping systems updated comes at the worst possible time. 

It takes the form of a specific critical problem affecting functionality, then told by SAP that it can only be fixed by applying the latest patch!  Applying patches through your entire SAP landscape all the way to production can take several weeks at best.  The business impact for this delay can be severe.


A proper patching and updating strategy is the key to success. 

Whether your applying Enhancement Pack to your ECC system or upgrading BW to the latest version, Managecore provides a SAP best practices process and can guarantee a smooth project every time.


We’re not just about pushing the buttons. 

Managecore will work with your functional team to develop a technical project plan that guides you through the whole process.  Our senior consultants always perform these projects to SAP standards.  Regular meetings, participation in other project activities, and access to Managecore’s project portal will guarantee you always know the status of everything we’re doing. 

The goal is simple.  Keep the systems up to date, remove errors, eliminate any negative impact to your business. 

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