Migration Automation

As an extension of Managecore’s SAP migrations services offer ManagecoremG; CloudLINK powers Cloud migrations, by deploying a unique set of tools that automates your Cloud migration to ensure 100% success.

Migration Automation Delivers:

Migration Automation

The migration takes place over a disciplined, four-stage process: 

1. Planning

As part of the initial project kickoff, Managecore’s designated technical project manager will detail out the parts of the project plan pertaining to the Cloud infrastructure buildout and the necessary activities for the migration project. Managecore will also begin to review all servers and applications to determine the target architecture and migration method to the Cloud.  

2. Cloud foundation and initial migration 

The actual migration then begins with building out the Cloud infrastructure needed to support the new environment. During this stage, Managecore is not only streamlining the migration process, but also starting to optimize system performance and measuring with ongoing user testing. Tech leads ensure that the migration operates correctly and provide access so that the client can test and validate the installation. 

3. Deployment and migration 

Production deployment involves shutdown of the system on the source site, transferring data to the cloud, then turning it on and releasing the system. Central to Managecore’s process is leveraging proprietary automation and runbooks to bulletproof the procedure with full documentation of commands; database and application operations; and scripts to ensure success. 

Managecore technicians implement standard migration processes from SAP’s best practice methodologies with proprietary automation toolsets and skilled resources. When the systems are switched back on, the only differences users should notice are faster performance and improved redundancy and resiliency. Managecore has a 100% success rate: All migrations have been on time, on budget, and resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

4. Post-deployment

After the go-live comes a period of “hypercare” to fine-tune and provide further optimization over the course of several weeks or even a month. In addition, Managecore deploys Watchdog to continue analyzing performance and fine-tuning as necessary. 

What our Happy Customers have to say

Managecore has combined innovative technology with years of SAP technology and industry experience to deliver a complete solution for SAP enterprise customers. We are a different kind of company in the managed services market. Here is what a few of our happy customers have to say about Managecore’s offerings.

After Managecore successfully delivered a complex migration, they are now focused on tuning Direct Relief’s systems and optimizing our use of cloud resources to reduce costs. The Managecore team has developed a solid track record of dependability and professionalism.

– Adan Grouman

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