AWS Migration

What’s keeping your SAP environment out of the cloud?

Get seamless migration to the AWS Platform

Migrating your SAP system to the cloud can seem like a heavy subject. But with Managecore, the migration is a remarkably simple transition.

Our Cloud team has performed numerous migrations utilizing proven processes and techniques that minimize risk. Our first concern is always to minimize the impact on your business.

AWS Application Migration Service – Move and improve your SAP applications

AWS Application Migration Service (previously known as Cloud Endure) migration automation tool reduces downtime to minutes instead of hours—or even days. Exclusive to AWS, AWS Application Migration Service makes extended weekend migrations a thing of the past. For example, an SAP system with a terabyte database can be migrated to the Google Cloud in just 15 minutes.

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Why AWS Application Migration Service?

Save Time

Significant amounts of planning and prep hours are essentially eliminated when automating SAP migration to the cloud.

Reduce Risk

Modernize or upgrade systems in-place within the cloud or to a fresh SAP cloud template.

Reduce Downtime

Avoid the need to run the SAP Database Migration Option (DMO) on-prem or over the network.

Cut Complexity

Avoid export/import steps entirely, simplifying the upgrade path and eliminating the need for temporary on-prem hardware.

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