SAP Consulting Project Services

Transparency. Collaboration. Experience.

Your business is unique – and so are your system needs. When you have an SAP project, turn to the SAP experts at Managecore. Managecore’s SAP consulting project services expert team put the focus on transparency and collaboration throughout every phase of your SAP project. 


Experience The Managecore Advantage

It starts with our consultants. Our experienced, certified professionals are true SAP experts, skilled in installations, upgrades, and migrations, both heterogeneous and homogeneous. Managecore consultants are committed to continuous training and to earning industry certifications. In addition, our team has often also “seen it before,” and can translate the insight they’ve earned in the field into a successful deployment for you.


Transparency and Collaboration in Action: Managecore’s Client Portal

At Managecore, we keep you in the loop throughout your SAP project. And we work with you as a partner. The Managecore Watchdog client portal is a great example of this commitment. From executives to technical administrators, our client portal provides your team with the necessary visibility to keep everyone up-to-date, informed, and connected, throughout your SAP project, 24 hours a day.

Managecore’s Watchdog client portal provides:

  • Collaborative messaging and forums
  • Ability to open new requests as well as keep tabs on existing ones
  • Share and view documentation critical in supporting your project
  • Keep track of milestones and due dates
  • Visibility into your project at all times – you’ll know when to expect results

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