SAP Security Services

Securing corporate data is major concern for companies today and with SAP holding some of your most critical data and intellectual property, it demands proper attention.

Fortunately, the SAP security model is robust – but getting it wrong can be catastrophic.

For many, especially those in the mid-market, keeping up with security changes and maintaining a good security architecture can be difficult.   Over time SAP security profiles can become cluttered and cumbersome to maintain.

Let Managecore be your trusted security team

Whether you need full-time resource, ad-hoc support based on workload, or simply and advisor when your team is frustrated and needs assistance.

Mangecore offers a full array of SAP security support

  • User administration:
    • Add/change/remove user accounts
    • Assign and remove roles for users
  • Role administration:
    • Create new roles
    • Modify existing roles
    • Segregation of duties
    • Develop role architecture or security re-design
  • Logging and monitoring of SAP security access

 It is important to insure the administrative accounts are properly maintained.  

These accounts should have the proper authorizations, not be well known, and be monitored for changes.

Administrative accounts

  • Operating system and database administrative account maintenance
  • Verify and maintain proper authorizations for admin accounts
  • Monitor their access

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