SAP system monitoring is not a new concept, however, the days of manual monitoring are gone. Technology advancements are transforming how daily monitoring is done, bringing your SAP system health full circle. Not only can new monitoring tools be completely automated, but they allow viewing into your entire IT landscape. Consultants can be more than just reactive—they can now address issues before they happen. Your system runs smoother—saving your business both time and money.

The proactive approach

Technology issues are bound to happen, however it’s how fast the issue can be resolved without burdening your organization that truly matters. Using SAP advanced monitoring tools, Managed Service Providers (MSP) can analyze the system and prevent problems from occurring. When you have experienced consultants with the right certified skillset managing your systems, your SAP environment goes from being simply maintained to optimally performing.

A brave new world

Your business is evolving, and so should your monitoring platform. It should no longer be acceptable to monitor single points of failure in a vacuum. Technology has become highly integrated—failure of one component can cause significant downstream effects on others. Unfortunately, this is where most monitoring solutions fail. They focus on a single data point and neglect to look at the bigger picture.

In addition, multiple departments monitoring in silos promotes finger-pointing and obstructs your vision of the complete environment. It can feel like you are trying to find a needle in a haystack, in addition to the frustration and cost of having one of your most mission-critical systems not working properly. Service-oriented monitoring is an integrated, efficient way to optimally manage complex environments such as SAP.

For example, when you think of SAP monitoring, you may think of application-specific alerts. In reality, SAP is relying on a much larger infrastructure for support. This could include, but is not limited to, SANS, switches, servers, and hypervisors. Optimized monitoring methodology blends these components, weighs their relevance and provides a central source to view this information. Faster time to resolution and not searching for that lost needle, which equates to quicker root cause determination and less downtime.

Complete vision for your IT landscape

Don’t get complacent with basic monitoring and get stuck constantly looking in the rearview mirror as issues arise, but rather have a proactive approach in place. Be sure to ask your IT MSP which tools they use to proactively manage your entire IT landscape. By leveraging state-of-the-art monitoring tools to gain critical insight to your entire system landscape your consultants can be empowered to be true IT visionaries to keep your uptime optimized and SAP system running at its very best.

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Chad Fischer
About the Author:

Chad Fischer

Senior SAP Basis Consultant

As a senior basis consultant for Managecore's delivering team Chad is on the front lines with clients' critical systems providing technical daily monitoring support, project leadership, and implementing SAP® best practices for Managecore's valued customers. With 10 years of experience with SAP, Chad's core strengths include his sound technical knowledge and ability to go above and beyond to provide the best in expert customer support. Chad is continuously learning new SAP trends, to advise clients of new technologies that will optimize their business needs. Most notably as a SAP HANA® certified consultant, Chad provides expert technical support and gets clients running faster than ever before on the SAP HANA platform. Chad's infectious smile and 'can do attitude' embodies Managecore's foundational principles to provide Trust/Transparency and Communication/Collaboration.