Like many organizations today, fewer people are doing more—faster than ever. But is your SAP team moving too fast to see critical items? Could you be heading toward a cliff and not even know it?

If you rely on SAP to accelerate and grow your business, all business systems must function at peak performance. That’s why it’s important to have an SAP environment performance plan. The critical first step is conducting an SAP system health check to lay the foundation for planning and maintenance.

Not all SAP health checks are created equal.

What’s your end-goal for a system assessment? Routine assessments may only scratch the surface with information easily obtained in a standard SAP EarlyWatch report. Generally, there’s no specific SAP landscape recommendation, so what good is knowing your SAP version if there is no clear pathway presented to get you to the latest release? How helpful is CPU or memory usage data if no one is analyzing why your systems are operating as they are?

SAP health metrics that matter.

A proper health assessment will collect standard data as well as detailed metrics that matter to your specific environment. It’s important that these metrics are identified prior to the assessment. A good partner will make this a mandatory part of the process.

Key health assessment touch points you can’t afford to miss:

  • Exact SAP parameter changes
  • SAP security access
  • Database parameter changes
  • Work process distribution
  • Transport path analysis
  • Client analysis and recommended adjustments
  • Standard and custom SAP job scheduling recommendations and changes
  • Database reorganization/compression with proposed approaches to achieve desired results
  • Capacity planning and recommendations to include SAP, database and infrastructure
  • Recurring short-dump analysis and recommendations to remediate
  • Backup scheduling review and recommended changes based on business requirements

Attack problems before they attack your business.

Do it right and you’ll be armed with the information to address SAP environment limitations before they become business-critical issues. What’s more, thorough health assessments lead to SAP maintenance plans matched to your environment.

Data is one thing. Making sense of it is another.

Keep this in mind—the data you collect is only as good as the team analyzing it. Insightful recommendations that come from the analysis is what truly helps fine-tune your SAP landscape and create a maintenance plan to keep your systems running and ready for business growth.

We offer a free, comprehensive 30-day health assessment. Contact Managecore today to learn more! 

Nick Miletich
About the Author:

Nick Miletich

Chief Technology Officer
As Chief Technology Officer Nick spearheads Managecore’s delivery teams, technical operations, cloud hosting solutions and the multiple technology platforms that are used to support Managecore’s SAP enterprise customers.  With over 15 years of experience, his sound background in SAP technologies and infrastructure services, paired with an intuitive business mindset makes him an ideal asset for our valued customers. Nick leverages his extensive experience from his previous operational executive management roles to be a true thought leader, working with clients of all sizes to effectively build custom solutions and deliver strategic technical support to fit their business needs. In this role, Nick is dedicated to customer success by providing complete end to end operational support including project management, and ongoing solution oversight. Nick stays abreast of cutting edge technology and leads Managecore's emerging technology efforts including an industry leading SAP HANA Cloud solution.