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Bait and Switch on SAP Experience?

When you outsource a function like SAP support to a service provider, you expect you’ll have experienced consultants working on your account. That’s not always the case. Many providers bring their smartest guy on the sales call, but after the contract is signed, have the lowest cost and lowest skilled workers they can get away with behind the scenes. That means:

  • Tasks take longer
  • The work isn’t done right the first time
  • Your team ends up training the consultants you’re paying to do the work
  • Every time you call you get a different person who has little knowledge of your business or needs

Or some service providers use an off-shore support model. In that case you can expect:

  • Weak technical knowledge
  • Poor core business hour support
  • Communication barriers
  • Longer than acceptable completion times

A Core You Can Trust

At Managecore we don’t do the SAP experience fast shuffle. We hire experts with several years of experience. Our experts participate in continuing education so they are up to date on all of the latest technologies.

We also take a team approach to give you access to the collective knowledge of our entire team, not just the one or two people assigned to your account. The Managecore team approach also ensures that several people will know the details of your systems. And we never blind transfer our clients to an off-shore support company.

Let’s talk about how you can benefit from Managecore’s SAP expertise today.

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