From the Managecore Australian office

We understand your SAP environment

John is the executive responsible for SAP at his company, but he doesn’t worry about a sixteen-hour day and he doesn’t have the doubts associated with offshore support. Like the typical SAP customer, John has 24/7 operations, on-premise, aging, expensive hardware, large sprawling databases, a basket of technologies and a cluster of departments that rely on SAP.

Finance, Sales, Procurement, Reporting and Plant Maintenance each have a unique take on SAP. So does the parts division, who some say carry John’s corporation with their highly-profitable contribution and their legendary customer focus. Getting them integrated with John’s new online initiative might be tricky.

John has licensing, security, cloud technologies and product sprawl from vendors. Everyone’s selling features, products and functionality all wrapped up in sales and marketing promises.

So John’s work week is high stress. Sound familiar?

End users start working in John’s SAP system at 5:00 am Monday each week, with their time zones and multiple locations scattered near and far. The Reporting system runs overnight heavy batch jobs that compute the ERP data. Finance takes centre stage each month end. Interfaces push and pull thousands of IDOCS. 

But John has an ace up his sleeve and it buys him peace of mind.

Stable performance is his job security. He knows his complex SAP footprint is managed with best practices, proactive planning and a hundred years of experience across the entire Alphabet of SAP products and modules—with every name change that SAP has mustered up. Combine this with the ever increasing complexity and marketing hype of public, private, and multi clouds and John’s need for stability becomes paramount.

John has an organisation that sharpens the tools in their toolkit. An organisation that runs his SAP Basis day shift and his SAP Basis night shift.

Managecore—24/7/365 support from America and Australia—From SAP experts who understand you.

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