MILWAUKEE, Wis. (January 27, 2017 ) Managecore is excited to announce its official launch as an SAP® – centric Managed Services Provider (MSP) in North America. With a dedicated focus on providing exception customer service, Managecore will specialize in SAP technical managed services, cloud/hosting services, as well as general SAP and IT consulting services.

Managecore is bringing a new approach to client delivery and SAP operations. Founded by individuals with decades of experience in SAP and IT infrastructure, Managecore was formed on the core values of Trust, Transparency, Communication and Collaboration. By leveraging these guiding principles Managecore’s goal is to create a better client experience by keeping customers fully informed with up-to-the-minute updates on their critical IT systems.

“Managecore is leading the way in transforming how Managed Service Providers do business,” said Frank Powell, partner at Managecore. “For one reason or another, MSPs have historically hid information from clients instead of share it. By creating a more transparent relationship with clients, Managecore is reducing time-to-resolution, eliminating confusion, and achieving measurable efficiencies to meet growing client expectations.”

Managecore founder and partner Michael Haase states, “One thing that has not changed over the years is our clients’ need to completely trust the people and processes they hire. Unfortunately, for too many MSPs they can only promise words, which is not good enough for a successful MSP relationship. Managecore was founded to change the way MSPs work. We are opening a window for clients into our toolsets, methodologies, processes, and pricing so we can better function as one unit, ultimately achieving real trust.”

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About Managecore, LLC
We make what’s complicated, easy. Managecore’s thought leadership approach starts by working directly with our clients to weigh the options and find the right solutions. We are able to minimize costs and optimize your SAP®/IT investment through our proven solutions. We’re founded on the principles we call the T&C’s of Managecore, Trust/Transparency and Communication/Collaboration. Mangecore’s strong SAP expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology allows us to constantly watch and maintain our client’s SAP and IT environments. Operations are routine. Issues are nonexistent. Learn more at