FRANKLIN, Wis. [January 31, 2022] Recognizing the importance of moving its SAP applications to a public cloud to achieve more intuitive and efficient experiences NextGen Healthcare enrolled the help of its SAP Managed Service Provider Managecore. NextGen Healthcare knew that it would need a best-in-breed cloud infrastructure provider along with the right partner to ensure high availability, accessibility, and security for its SAP applications.

NextGen Healthcare first engaged Managecore to support some of its SAP security needs and instantly saw the benefits of working with a highly specialized partner like Managecore that can provide more personalized service. Along with the Google Cloud migration, Managecore also upgraded their landscape to SAP HANA, through a seamless and cost-efficient project that delivered added capabilities once in the new Google Cloud hosted environment.

“You could think of SAP as my high-performing, luxury car – one that provides stellar driving experiences and comfort when given the right care. Given the importance of SAP to our business, we needed the best gas and mechanic around. Google Cloud infrastructure provides us with that best-in-breed gas, and Managecore continues to prove itself as the best mechanic around,“ said Karen Bollinger, Vice President of Applications for NextGen Healthcare.

The new Google Cloud infrastructure being fully managed by Managecore now provides NextGen Healthcare with the agility it needs to keep innovating in the healthcare space.

“The level of service from Managecore is exceptional. They have a seasoned team of professionals who can answer all of our questions,” says Karen. “They also constantly give us suggestions to improve how we run our enterprise apps, along with strong economic and risk evaluations to proactively guide us.”

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Managecore is a certified SAP partner and Premier Google Cloud Partner that can support the full implementation and migration of an SAP environment to the Google Cloud via our ManagecoreMg solution. Managecore’s solutions team will architect a Google Cloud solution tailored to any SAP environment’s requirements. To include a comprehensive migration plan to the public cloud one that minimized the impact to the business and reduces risk to achieve a successful migration project which can also include performing an SAP HANA, S/4HANA, or BW4/HANA upgrade. Once in the Cloud, Managecore will support the full SAP application and cloud infrastructure in the new environment via our intelligent cloud managed services ManagecoreGo and SAP managed services ManagecoreiQ.


About Managecore
Managecore is a certified SAP Partner and the leading provider of SAP Technical Managed Services. Utilizing highly skilled engineers and industry leading technology, Managecore is providing intelligent solutions for the enterprise customer. Managecore is also a recognized leader in SAP HANA transformations, Cloud solutions and Basis managed services.

Managecore is also a certified Google Cloud Platform Partner and Gold Cloud Competency Microsoft Partner.

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