SAP Basis Management

At Managecore We Make What’s Complicated, Easy

Your SAP systems are vital to your business. If they aren’t running at optimal performance, nothing is. That’s why you need to partner with a true Basis expert in the SAP solutions world. At Managecore, we make what’s complicated, easy. At the core of our business is our capability in providing Basis managed services for SAP. Our motivation is your success.

In supporting your SAP systems, we focus on four main elements: transparency and collaboration, monitoring, experience and a team approach.

Transparency and Collaboration: Managecore’s Partner Portal

From executives to basis administrators, our Partner Portal provides your team with the necessary visibility to keep everyone up-to-date, informed, and connected, 24 hours a day.

Managecore’s portal provides:

  • Collaborative messaging and forums
  • Ability to open new requests as well as keep tabs on existing ones
  • Share and view documentation critical in supporting your specific environment
  • Stay informed of the latest announcements within Managecore and the industry
  • Our toolset exposed – see what your Managecore support team sees in real-time
  • Create and customize reports on your environment

Want to know how often the response time of your production system was over acceptable thresholds over the last 24 hours? How about over the last month? Quarter? Annually? Managecore’s Partner Portal has you covered.

Monitoring: Addressing Incidents in Real Time

Managecore uses the latest monitoring technologies. That gives both us and you critical, real-time visibility into your system issues. These tools allow our team to trace and correlate issues within the greater environment quickly – which means faster time-to-resolution for you.

All incidents are tracked and documented within our ticketing system, including resolution. Should the occurrence happen again, these incidents are fully searchable by our team, allowing the absolute quickest resolution time possible. Managecore consultants have the added ability to cross reference multiple client incidents as well, meaning you benefit from a wealth of SAP experience.

Experience: Your Managecore Advantage

At Managecore, support starts with our consultants. Our experienced, tenured Basis professionals analyze your systems and continually research the latest products available. They meet quarterly and annually to help your company stay ahead of the technology curve while getting the most from your SAP investment. In addition to their commitment to training and earning industry certifications, our team has often also “seen it before,” giving you the advantage of their client experience.

The Team Approach: A Different Support Model

Managecore’s unique team approach sets us apart from the competition. We don’t use a tiered support model - you get direct access to your Managecore team 24 hours a day. Your always available consultant is engaged and caring for your environment, so issues become nonexistent. The result, nobody will know your systems better than your dedicated Managecore team. And that leads to extremely quick time-to-resolution on all incidents.

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