Effective SAP Basis support services must be more than daily monitoring and repetitive Basis tasks. A valued Managed Service Provider (MSP) understands the entire IT stack: hardware, infrastructure, OS, database through the SAP application layer. When everything plays a key role, deep knowledge of your SAP solution is critical to peak performance.

Critical SAP Basis Services support expectations:

  1. Demand a fully knowledgeable staff
  2. Expect proven transparency
  3. Seek complete tech support of your full SAP landscape—not just monitoring
  4. Expect guidance through evolving technologies.

Before jumping in, know how deep your SAP Basis management pool truly is.

How do you know if your MSP has the depth of knowledge to support your SAP landscape? Ask about the database and infrastructure, questions that don't directly involve the SAP application. Does a reply take forever? Is the MSP scrambling to find the someone with some knowledge? At best, answers are delayed; at worst they’re never answered. It’s a simple litmus test to determine if your MSP has the knowledge needed—beyond the SAP application alone.

Collaboration is not a replacement for poor staffing.

With IT technology constantly evolving, one individual can’t know everything. Collaboration within your MSP to find answers is to be expected. But your SAP Basis support must be right-staffed with an appropriate mix of technology backgrounds. You wouldn't want a Basis consultant well versed in Oracle and AIX supporting your Windows environment running on SQL. Yes, collaboration is always welcome—poor staffing is not.

Put “service” back into SAP Managed Services.

Many clients know the “lights are on” in their SAP system but they’re not confident that the system is receiving adequate support. It’s unacceptable when answers don’t come to questions about the system, especially when significant budgets are allocated for your MSP. You deserve answers within the SLA time frame, and confidence that your SAP environment is supported optimally and maintained strategically—for the long-term.

How transparent is your SAP Managed Services agreement?

A true vendor partner lays it all out there. After all, they have nothing to hide. When an MSP is truly transparent it shows through quick response times, expert support and ongoing technical guidance. All to give you confidence that your entire system is supported.

More important, transparency means you should be able to see your system’s performance at any time, from anywhere—exactly as your MSP sees it. Transparency is not a subjective monthly report. So make sure your SAP system is getting the proper—and complete—technical support beyond basic “Basis.” It all starts with a fully transparent MSP relationship with an expert SAP support team.

Nick Miletich

Nick Miletich

Senior Solutions Engineer

Nick is a senior solutions engineer for Managecore providing customized cloud, hosting and SAP® operational support. With over 15 years of experience, his sound background in SAP technologies and infrastructure services, paired with an intuitive business mindset makes him an ideal asset for our valued customers. Nick leverages his extensive experience from his previous operational executive management roles to be a true thought leader, working with clients of all sizes to effectively build custom solutions and deliver strategic technical support to fit their business needs. In this role, Nick is dedicated to customer success by providing complete end to end operational support including project management, and ongoing solution oversight. Nick stays abreast of cutting edge technology and leads Managecore's emerging technology efforts including an industry leading SAP HANA Cloud solution.