SAP Monitoring & Reporting Services

SAP Monitoring & Reporting Services

Does your SAP environment still get impacted by performance problems or system outages you feel could have been prevented?

Is your current monitoring tool adequate to provide full visibility into your SAP landscape?

Do you have a state-of-the-art SAP monitoring tool in place?

It’s Time to Take Control of your Environment

Managecore offers a very cost-effective techncial managed service solution to constantly monitor and report on the health of your SAP environment.  Utilizing a state of the art SAP monitoring tool, Managecore proactively monitors every aspect of the SAP landscape environment.  Everything from database space to changes in profile parameters are monitored continuously and reported on when an event occurs.

Managecore Watchdog - Client Portal Monitoring and Cloud Automation Platform

As one of the most fully transparent SAP Managed Service providers our customers see what we see, from executives to basis administrators. The Managecore Watchdog Client Portal provides your team with the necessary visibility to keep everyone up-to-date, informed, and connected 24 hours a day The proactive monitoring support provides:

  • Real-time SLA (Service Level Reporting)
  • Customized to each client – each customer has a secure login
  • Complete visibility to your system status
  • Intuitive user interface – all information within a few clicks
  • Entire portal – searchable, reportable, trackable
  • Project Tracking – best practice outlines

Managecore Watchdog - SAP Basis Monitoring

See a LIVE DEMO of Watchdog >>>

A properly managed solution is the key to success.

That's the Managecore difference. As a monitoring service, our team of experts know the tool inside and out eliminating the noise of false alerts from mis-configured thresholds so only true issues gain visibility. And as trends develop pointing to possible issues, our team acts on that information to prevent a problem from occurring.

Flexibility and transparency is in our DNA.

Having worked in the SAP market for 20 years, we understand what customers want. Our service doesn't operate in a vacuum. As a Managecore customer, you are given access so you can see in real-time what's happening in your systems. Alerts can be sent to your team, the Managecore team or both. We will also define responsibilities on handling alerts and taking actions to prevent problems.

With Managecore's monitoring and reporting solution you'll have peace of mind.

Problems are avoided, you'll gain greater visibility, are provided regular reports, and have access to a senior team of SAP experts to work through any issues that may be encountered.

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