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Getting the Information You Need…When You Need It

As an IT manager, you’re constantly asked to do more with less-fewer resources, smaller budgets, less discretionary spending. This can translate into over-stressed departments that are forced to depend on outside service providers to support your most mission critical applications.

Front line managers like you need regular information from your service provider and time is critical. Waiting days for a custom report or for someone to respond is not acceptable. You need a partner who goes beyond telling you when a light turns red.

A Service Provider in Tune with You

Managecore can help you with your SAP strategy-so that light doesn’t turn red in the first place. We’ve been doing SAP for almost 20 years. We know mission critical. 

It’s a given that SAP systems must be running 24x7. But strategy, vision and the nurturing of the environment is also essential. Managecore takes on that responsibility and provides you with thought leadership where other managed service providers fail.

We’ve invested in the tools that provide the data you need, sometimes before you even knew you needed it. When you partner with Managecore, you’ll have access to our dedicated Partner Portal where you can easily access:

  • System status
  • Project status
  • A searchable knowledge base
  • A historical record of all the support we’ve done
  • Invoices and open proposals
  • And more

Let’s talk about how Managecore can be your true strategic partner today.

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