Trust Starts with Transparency

Do you know enough about your systems to be confident in them?

As a C-Level executive, you face constant pressure to ensure that all of your systems are meeting your company’s needs. You are challenged with getting the most out of current investments by seeking new ways to leverage each system. You are called upon to innovate, using the latest technologies to gain efficiency and increase the value of the data available to employees.

But, if you’re using service providers to outsource any part of your organization’s IT infrastructure, you may find yourself asking:

Where’s the transparency?

If you’re wondering what’s going on, there’s a problem. Do you have to ask for information about performance? Do historical and trend reports leave you with even more questions? Do your inquiries go into a “black hole” with no follow-up or status provided?

Answer: System performance trending, SLA achievement, audit data are all always openly available. Plus, Managecore executives are accessible to consult with you at any time.

Why aren’t I in control?

These days many service providers require companies to use certain processes. Do they align with the ones your company uses? It doesn’t matter. You’re not in control.

Answer: Managecore's transparency eliminates the feeling you're losing control. You always see what's happening and you have direct access to the information to prove it.

Why does this cost so much now?

Many service provider pricing models are bait and switch - the price given at the time of contract signing contains several exclusions and limitations…which become extra billing line items down the road…which lead to far greater expenses than you originally planned.

Answer: At Managecore, we strive to cover everything in our pricing model up front. If your needs change later, we'll work with you so that there are no surprises.

Didn’t we cover that in the SLA?

You may be realizing that your Service Level Agreement doesn’t “have enough teeth.” Or maybe your provider can’t live up to the contract. Often this realization comes at the worst time.

Answer: Our contracts are easy to understand and clearly define deliverables, as well as what is and what is not included.

With Managecore transparency results in confidence

At Managecore, we provide the transparency that gives you peace of mind. We don’t think things like system trending, updates of strategic technology changes, reports for audit requirements or statistics that confirm that your SAP systems are running at optimal performance should be a secret. 

With Managecore, you won’t have to ask:

Let’s talk about how you can be more confident in your systems today.

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