Companies of all sizes are making the move to the cloud in pursuit of efficiency, simplification and reduced capital expenditure. It’s a transition that can bring many rewards and challenges as well. Assembling and re-architecting your infrastructure to a cloud platform is complex process, so if you’re moving to the cloud, it’s essential to have a qualified cloud architect leading the transition.

Cloud setup is more complex than it might seem.
As companies transition to the cloud, there’s a common misconception that it’s an easy process—simply turn on a virtual machine (VM) and move your data. But it’s not quite that simple—as cloud technology advances it becomes more complex. You can purchase IaaS through public clouds, but they are simply components—building blocks—that still have to be assembled. Servers, memory, disks and networking must be done correctly to optimize performance, security and data recovery.

The role of a cloud architect.

Cloud architects deploy and oversee the cloud computing strategy. In the older model, companies had servers on-premise, and personnel who installed hardware, operating systems and applications. They managed the network and security of the data center. A cloud architect, on the other hand, is trained in all of these areas and directs your cloud computing strategy. What’s more, as a consultant a cloud architect sees many different IaaS configurations, each designed to handle specific needs. With a cloud architect leading, you stay up-to-date on current issues and trends.

Why is having a cloud architect important?

How your systems are connected and secured on the cloud are critical. You have global access to resources and services that can be set up on data centers worldwide. Without a qualified cloud architect, your cloud infrastructure is far more susceptible to improper setup that can affect performance and security. A professional cloud architect will also ensure:

  • A disaster recovery plan is in place
  • Holes that allow access to your servers are secured
  • You are not subscribing to and paying for resources you don’t need

Rely on Managecore as your cloud architect

  • We will help you determine the optimal cloud setup—Hybrid, Private or Public
  • We can bundle SAP licenses, support costs and application hosting in a single solution with one monthly fee
  • We offer multiple choices including managing workloads in different clouds concurrently
  • We’ll step you through everything when moving your SAP environment to the cloud

Everything we do is geared around helping you make the right business decision when stepping into the cloud, contact the Managecore team today to get a custom quote from a solution architect. 

Frank Powell
About the Author:

Frank Powell

Frank is an experienced Information Technology executive that excels in high-level strategic and operational guidance to help manage and grow businesses. With 25 years experience in IT and over 19 of those years specifically in SAP, his thought leadership on industry trends, process improvement and best practices at SAP events, conferences and educational webinars are invaluable assets for companies. Frank provides his past experience in developing new technology initiatives with ever-evolving innovations to grow businesses and achieve high-performing solutions at a lower cost of ownership for your company.