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Thousands of organizations globally rely on SAP for their most mission critical workloads. And for many Google Cloud customers, part of a broader digital transformation journey has included accelerating the migration of these essential SAP workloads to Google Cloud. These customers seek greater agility, elasticity, and uptime on a truly flexible cloud that includes the benefits of cutting edge AI, ML, and analytics capabilities. It’s why we’ve worked hard to bring our customers a wealth of options to fit their needs, including SAP-certified hardware options and Google Cloud for SAP RISE. We’ve also helped them understand the economic advantages of SAP on Google Cloud, including the significant migration assistance and incentives that are part of our Cloud Acceleration Program.

Below, we’ve shared just a few examples of customers that have chosen Google Cloud to run their SAP workloads, and the benefits they’re seeing.

Pega: Optimizing business operations with SAP on Google Cloud

For Pegasystems, a leading provider of cloud software for customer engagement and intelligent automation, it’s important to maintain smooth operations at all times. This includes getting the best performance from its SAP applications. But with its core SAP systems in a traditional data center, the IT department found it was spending too much time on day-to-day maintenance and less on strategic projects that generated value for the company.

In 2020, Pega chose to deploy its SAP environment, including SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) and SAP HANA data warehousing, to Google Cloud. The move has helped Pega overcome many of the challenges it faced with the previous deployment. It also made Pega’s SAP systems more reliable and offered powerful new data capabilities to support the business in making the right decisions. Watch the customer testimonial video >>

FFF Enterprises: 7x performance with SAP on Google Cloud

When there’s a patient waiting for a product at the end of each transaction, there’s far more at stake than just the performance of your ERP system. That’s why FFF Enterprises, Inc. (FFF)—a leading supplier of critical and preventive care medications including the essential medications that help to reduce the effects of COVID-19—chose to migrate its core SAP enterprise applications to Google Cloud. “We’re 100% dependent on the ERP system,” says Brian Wemple, SAP Technical Manager at FFF. “It runs the business by integrating with our e-commerce systems; our pick, pack and ship; and our business intelligence. It has to be always available and always accurate.” After running SAP on legacy infrastructure for some time and experiencing core switch outages, server outages, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) edge router outages, and other issues, FFF knew it needed to revisit its technology infrastructure.

“We’ve experienced an 80% improvement in the speed of our SAP environment at a lower monthly cost than we saw with our previous provider,” Wemple says about the migration to Google Cloud. “Our SAP applications are so much more reliable than they were previously. We’ve had no outages since we’ve gone live—that’s just a perfect situation for us.” Watch the customer testimonial video >>

Google Cloud is a great place to run SAP

As SAP customers begin and continue their cloud journeys, Google Cloud is committed to being there to simplify and optimize their move and ensure they have ready access to critical cloud-native technologies. To see more work that Google has done with SAP and SAP customers, visit their solution site, and check out the customer video testimonials.

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